Men’s Beard Care| Beard products and Tools

Beards have never looked so good!! We have some easy tips, and pointers to make your rugged Viking beard  dreams become a reality! 

Beard conditioner

Beard oil alone is great on those already straight, manageable beards, with no weird growth patterns or patches. It adds shine to more coarse, curly, and unruly beards, but it is NOT a substitute for a beard conditioner. It will soften and control the hair at the same time. It is more like a  lotion consistency, which allows for an even coat over your face. You may add oil into your routine for additional shine and moisture, but a grizzly beard will thank me for using beard conditioner first. I like Beard Control by Billy Jealousy. (I have affectionately nicknamed it  “beard crack.” ) Anyone who has tried will understand the nickname).. If you have naturally controlled and beautiful facial hair, congrats on your genetics. Do whatever you want. I know some will disagree. Fight me.  Come meet me outside in the parking lot, I’ll be off at 6:00. ( Or you could go easy on me, skip the fight, and have a bourbon with your haircut) Click Here for the Beard Control Product!


Beard Brush

Once you have applied said beard conditioner to your face, a beard brush can spread the product evenly. It will coat each individual hair, and make sure they’re all going in the same direction. If you want a lot of control make sure to get a brush where the teeth are

Beard Trim

very close together, and the bristles more stiff. Softer bristles are fine for general beard maintenance, but stick with the close teeth. I use one that has firm bristles, close teeth, and a lovely stained wood base, because if you have the choice to be fancy or not, always choose fancy. It will change your life! It could be the difference between your wife complaining she doesn’t like your beard, to becoming the lumberjack she’s always dreamed of.


Beard Line up Tool

This will really keep the shape consistent on the cheeks, and the corners of your beard. Here’s a tip. It could destroy my beard business in Buckhead, but I’ll tell you because it matters to me that all men out there  always look their best! Purchase a beard line up tool, and line up the tool with the side of your face. Remove all the hair right up to where your sideburns start, making a straight line down to your jaw, and all your bearded dreams will come true. As long as those lines are clean, you can grow your beard as long as you want. It will look well groomed. We’re talking middle of your chest long.The possibilities will be endless.You can find them on amazon or a simple google search. There’s plenty of pictures online to show you exactly how to use them. You will stay HANDSOME! You’re welcome.



Full Disclosure

13 years of trimming beards has given me insight into some cool tricks. Men’s grooming is the only thing I am an expert at, as well as making a mean mac and cheese. (This recipe is so good you will slap your momma, so please be in good standing with mom when you come in for your beard trim and ask for my mac and cheese recipe, bring it to thanksgiving, and the slapping commences. It will blow over and be totally worth it.) A beard that’s lined up properly and brushed out can get away with not only serious length, but also any kind of shape. If you’re still intimidated by shaping your own beard or need a little guidance on how to use all of these  products, come on by. We strive to be the best barbershop in Buckhead! We can walk you through it. If you’re outside the Atlanta area you can send us a message. We are happy to answer beard grooming questions.


Stay handsome my friend!